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My first job at the age of 13 was working in a florist. My main tasks were bleaching vases, sweeping floors and de-thorning roses. As time went on I got the opportunity to help wire flowers for buttonholes and learned how to make small bouquets. Even at a young age I realised this was something I would enjoy. Watching how a single flower can create masterpieces was something I wanted to learn.

After many years of training and learning different techniques I decided to follow my dream by opening up Victoria Bloom florists. My passion comes through in every design I create giving each client an individual and unique arrangement.
Crieff: 01764 430033
Aberuthven: 01764 911047 

Studio at Aberuthven, Auchterarder.

Open Tuesday to Friday

3 Excel House

Crieff Florists
01764 430033
Victoria Bloom
11 West High Street
Crieff: 01764 430033
Aberuthven: 01764 911047